Natural light benefits in condo living

Rex W. Schwerdt

When choosing your next condo home, you should consider the location within the building for maximum light benefits.  

If you like to bask in a lot of natural light, be sure to choose a condo with a southern exposure as this will bering you maximum sunlight throughtout the day!

If you need morning sunlight to get your day started, an eastern facing condo will help you rise and shine!

Evening time lighting and sunsets are best enjoyed with views to the west.

For those who prefer not to have direct sunlight shining into your living space and onto your prized posessions, choose a north facing condo.

This may be a silly nuance to some but especially if you are coming from a single family home, take time to notice your daily living habits and what impact the natural light plays in your routine.  This will ensure maximum enjoyment in your new condo home!




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